After Dr. Drew as Kevorkian kerfuffle, Richard Marx is turning to dog photos

Self-deprecating humor is always appreciated, Mr. Marx! As we reported yesterday, country star Mindy McCready’s death from an apparent suicide sparked a conversation on Twitter about Dr. Drew Pinsky and “Celebrity Rehab.” Ms. McCready is the fifth cast member from that television series to die. Singer Richard Marx took to Twitter, and likened Dr. Drew to Jack Kevorkian. He subsequently deleted that tweet.

Today, he says he’s just going to start tweeting plates of food and dog photos. Twitter users, including Martha Quinn (unverified account), aren’t too keen on that idea. They totally have his back.

@richardmarx Robin Quivers had your back this am on the @sternshow!

— Martha Quinn (@MarthaQuinn) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx You do you, Richard Marx. You were right about Dr. Drew.

— Amanda Sales (@Scamandalous) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx No, please don’t become boring. You tweets are so funny. Love following you! Ignore the haters.

— Amy Jeter (@JeterAmy) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx Aw, don’t do that.You were right about Dr. Drew.Harsh, but right.

— StephS67 (@StephS67) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx Noooo don’t become one of THEM.Don’t change.

— angelina (@angieMrsSauga) February 19, 2013

Well, unless his dog is super cute.

@richardmarx But I love your tweets. Unless you have a really cute dog. Or a really interesting lunch.

— gwen hayes (@gwenhayes) February 19, 2013

And these Twitter users have some other ideas.

@richardmarx I think you just invented instagram

— Sarah Bos (@Sarah_Bos) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx thats called”instagram”

— Rushda Syed(@rush86) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx you should tweet pictures of your dog eating your plate of food..

— Paul Ross (@pdross2000) February 19, 2013

@richardmarx you also need to tell us you are at the gym and tweet pictures of you pumping iron. Otherwise it’s not really happening.

— Niki Leonardis (@MrsDLSmooth) February 19, 2013


Keep tweeting, Mr. Marx! Pictures are, however, always appreciated.