Reporter finds ‘striking’ number of women wearing Ray Rice jerseys

OK, we see only one woman in the photo, but that’s still an alarming number if you ask us.

Striking # of female fans wearing Rice jersey at Ravens game. Latest on NFL probe @NBCNightlyNewsq

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) September 11, 2014

@PeterAlexander "Striking" – bad choice of word there.

— Rob Dalton (@_daltonator) September 11, 2014

@NumbersMuncher @allahpundit @PeterAlexander "STRIKING # of female fans". Get it? #iseewhatyoudidthere

— Andrew S. (@shoutingboy) September 11, 2014

Striking? Really? RT @PeterAlexander Striking # of female fans wearing Rice jersey at Ravens game.

— mcbc (@mcbc) September 11, 2014

Maybe there’s a simple explanation.

.@PeterAlexander @NBCNightlyNewsq Maybe they're hoping for Condi Rice as new commish.

— Matt Bennett (@ThirdWayMattB) September 11, 2014

@NumbersMuncher @PeterAlexander Perhaps it's Condi Rice for Commissioner?

— The P.C. (@pjcroba) September 11, 2014

No, sadly that’s probably not it.

Wow. I don't even know what to say. RT @PeterAlexander Striking # of female fans wearing Rice jersey at Ravens game.

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) September 11, 2014

@NumbersMuncher @PeterAlexander guess they like guys who beat them. #RavensVsSteelers

— elton morrow (@eltonmorrow1) September 11, 2014

i don't understand how women are wearing ray rice's jersey in you support him or something? that could have been you. smh

— Kevin ∞ (@KJ_Skrilla) September 12, 2014

All these women are wearing Rice's jersey tonight to support him…. O

— Danielle Powers (@CoolStoryyBroo_) September 12, 2014

Ultimate sign of sports as tribalism: The women that are wearing Ray Rice jersey's to tonight's game.

— Jason Anderson (@J680Anderson) September 12, 2014

Women get no respect because one wearing a ray rice jersey tonight said "if I hit you, I expect to get hit back."

— Justin Szabo (@JmSzabo) September 11, 2014

someone please tell me why there are women at the Ravens game tonight wearing Ray Rice's jersey in "support" of him?… I'm confused

— Steven Brathwaite (@JustStevie_) September 11, 2014

@PeterAlexander It says they think Domestic Violence is ok! Women Wearing Rices jersey seems kind of like a sick..worship..of athletes!

— Christine Caston (@CastonChris) September 11, 2014

@CastonChris @PeterAlexander of athletes shit Chris brown repeatedly hit Rihanna & women still love him it's not just athletes

— DuW3rkSon (@slammedrabbit) September 11, 2014

Some don’t see a problem.

SO?! RT @PeterAlexander: Striking # of female fans wearing Rice jersey @ Ravens game.

— RC (@RissyCrozay) September 11, 2014

@PeterAlexander Or maybe they believe in second chances and/or redemption. But judge away from your glass homes, people.

— Houston_TheReal (@Houston_TheReal) September 11, 2014