#Disappointingbands: No Grammy awards for these bands


There is nothing like a little afternoon giggle-fest. And #DisappointingBands sure fits the bill.


#DisappointingBands Men Without Work

— Guywriter (@guywriter) June 27, 2012

That could also be an #ObamaBands.

The Eye Rolling Stones #DisappointingBands

— LAURA The Explorer (@TheXPLaura) June 27, 2012


#DisappointingBands the whateverly brothers

— Christian Logan (@christlog) June 27, 2012

#DisappointingBands The Disappointer Sisters

— VenusDeMileage (@VenusDeMileage) June 27, 2012


Nickleback #DisappointingBands

— Chris Tisdale (@MrChrisTisdale) June 27, 2012


9cm Nails #DisappointingBands

— Chris Tisdale (@MrChrisTisdale) June 27, 2012

Indifference Towards The Machine #DisappointingBands

— Joe Pontillo (@JoePontillo) June 27, 2012

Fleetwood PC #disappointingbands

— Joe (@ipsilateral) June 27, 2012

Groan-worthy or clever? A little of both? Either way, it’s trending in spot #2!

With a bullet.