Lynch mob threatens Zimmerman jury; ‘N*ggas coming for that bitch ass jury’!/fuvk_/status/356236201520402433

Revolting. As Twitchy reported, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White tweeted that the Zimmerman jury should “kill themselves.” The Twitter lynch mob was out in cretinous force with death threats against George Zimmerman.

Other thugs are taking Roddy White’s repugnant tweet an evil step further: They are now threatening the jury members that found Zimmerman not guilty. And their sons.!/Shawt_So_Smoove/status/356347815041056768

Vigilantes were searching for Zimmerman’s address again during jury deliberations. Now bloodthirsty sickos are trying to get the addresses of members of the jury. Why? So they can “get it just as bad.”!/naziTitanic/status/356242991570104322!/Aunzzo/status/356233884221964289!/queenemkay_/status/356239675431723008!/sugar_titssss/status/356255161603198978

Horrifying. While some may be tweeting as some sort of sick “joke,” all threats should be taken seriously. We must also once again note Twitter rules:

Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

Seek help, please.


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