Stoners rejoice: Weed is, like, totally legal in Colorado

As of today, it is officially legal to get your reefer on in the state of Colorado. Naturally, advocates of the new policy are rejoicing on Twitter, and for some reason they all sound Rocky Mountain high.

Fuck yeah legalized weed in Colorado!

— OC Dee (@milehighocd) December 11, 2012

“@stillblazingtho: I can smoke weed in Colorado or Washington, but I can’t pass any drug tests to get a job. Way to fix the economy.”

— thatchickkventaa. (@chee22_) December 11, 2012

Well, you could maybe not smoke weed. That would help with the tests.

Lol watching people smoke weed on Denver news.

— estabrookie™ (@JohnWyatt33) December 11, 2012

So who wants to go burn with me in public?? Lmao #amendment64 #haspassed

— Randy Romero (@Randall_el_13) December 10, 2012

I’m getting super high ๐Ÿ™‚ #amendment64 has been signed into law.

— Mary Jane (@MissMaryXXX) December 11, 2012

@gurlweed I wish I could Blazed with my fellow stoners in Colorado!! Lucky bastards!! I guess i’ll Blaze it, and be there in spirit!! Lol ๐Ÿ˜€

— SKULLKRUSHER (@DrunkenWisdom2) December 10, 2012

#ThingsIDontUnderstand #Amendment64 not being the cause of the Twinkie shortage.

— Blaynebot (@blaynebot) December 10, 2012

The night before Christmas and all threw the house not a creature was sober not even a mouse… smoke loomed n Santa is doomed #legal pot

— Hazed and Dazed(@PolarisNSex) December 11, 2012

have you ever been stoned and staring at the snow?, its hard too take your eyes away! #colorado #snow

— Thats retWeed! (@Yours_Truly___) December 10, 2012

Hopefully Santa stops in Iowa before Colorado… It will take him forever to get here stoned

— Tayler Cahalan (@taylerhatesyou) December 10, 2012

leaving Arizona, quick stop in Denver Colorado to get high off legal weed then to the dirty D, thennnnn Florida Friday after finals ๐Ÿ˜‰

— Mikey Gojcaj (@MikeyGojcaj) December 11, 2012

Stoned road trip! Great idea! Just warn us so we know to stay off the road.

Just got a phone call from the Colorado DMW warning me of the consequences of driving #stoned now that weed is legal #lol #toofunny

— Anthony Ojile (@Aojile) December 10, 2012

Great. We now have a “Don’t Toke and Drive” campaign. Nice work, Colorado!


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