Yikes: Police called to scene as massive fight breaks out in Center City, Philadelphia

What's happening in center city Philadelphia right now? several helicopters, fire trucks, police cars, etc. seems to be around 15th/sansom..

— Doug Keith (@douglas_keith) April 9, 2013

At least 200 people, many of them teens, were reportedly involved in a fight this afternoon in the Center City area of Philadelphia:

Uh oh"@6abc: RAW VIDEO of fight scene in Center City from Chopper 6 HD http://t.co/JA6bT7KTXV"

— gual Meraf (@GoldenBella91) April 9, 2013

Yo, Center City peeps: HUGE mob of teens fighting btw 15-18th on Chestnut. @Anniemal, stay safe!

— Cecily Kellogg (@Cecilyk) April 9, 2013

Center City Philly is being over-run by THUGS. Thoughts on solutions, @Michael_Nutter? I may move soon! http://t.co/ZHgJ2CmQYn

— Mets Fan in Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) April 9, 2013


A 200+ person fight in Center City Philly just now… WTF?!?!?

— Jesse (@4wrestling) April 9, 2013

Y'all hear about that big ass fight in center city with 200 kids rockin smh. Took cops 10 min to break it up Wtf

— Denny Cascade (@Bringdahruckus) April 9, 2013

200 people fighting in the middle of Center City?! Way to keep it classy Philly. #fightinphils

— Bee (@BrittanyPersson) April 9, 2013

Hundreds of teens, fights and bottles thrown at cops shut down center city #Philly streets at 16th and Chestnut pic.twitter.com/0hOO4a9VbX

— Jeff Kolakowski (@jdkolakowski) April 9, 2013

down center city and theres mad ppl and like soo many ppl just got arrested !!!

— elisa heaven (@Elisaa_Boo) April 9, 2013

Police have it under control. I'm here. “@benstango: Police called for large fight in Center City-IS EVERYONE OKAY? http://t.co/wyvjjB5Jhx"

— Annie Heckenberger (@anniemal) April 9, 2013

The situation is reportedly back to normal. It’s not clear what prompted the brawl, but we certainly hope it’s over.