Bob Knight calls Kentucky ‘team from the SEC’

College basketball coaching legend Bob Knight is apparently unable to refer to Kentucky by name. When addressing which top team in the NCAA Tournament will be most vulnerable on Saturday, Knight referred to the Kentucky Wildcats as the ‘team from the SEC.’

Biggest upset today will be in Bob Knight's stomach when Kentucky beats Iowa State.

— Lil Joe B. Hall (@LilJoeBHall) March 17, 2012!/_willwise/status/181048330170793984

Awesome RT @KyleTucker_CJ Wow, Bob Knight really is refusing to utter the word "Kentucky." … refers to 'em as team "from the SEC."

— Brent (@IN_PoolPlayer) March 17, 2012

Bob Knight…RT @Constar18: People that hate on Kentucky <<<

— Mary Ezaizat (@Maryezzz) March 17, 2012