USFailways: US Air refuses to let Army Ranger hang up his uniform jacket

US Airway is learning a valuable lesson in a) common sense and b) don’t anger a First Class passenger with access to Twitter.

First, here’s the story a reader tipped us off to earlier today:

Passengers: Flight attendant refused to hang Army Ranger’s uniform jacket

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Passengers onboard a U.S. Airways flight from Portland, Oregon to Charlotte were outraged after they said a flight attendant mistreated an Army Ranger Thursday morning.

They told Channel 9 that First Sergeant […] asked a flight attendant if he could hang up his uniform jacket to keep it from getting wrinkled. That flight attendant said the service is available only to first class passengers and refused to let other passengers, who volunteered, to switch seats with him.

Those on the flight claimed the flight attendant even yelled at passengers who tried to ask other attendants.

Now, the reason that this story has gone viral is largely due to the efforts of Kirbs72, a reported First Class passenger on the same flight who took to Twitter to express his outrage:

@USAirways the airline that I have flown almost 100,000 miles on this year disgraced a heavily decorated soldier right in front of me. Shame

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

According to my flight attendant you have a policy to not hang the dress coats of Army Rangers not seated in first class. #antiusair

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways : my flight attendant says you have a policy to not hang the dress coats of Army Rangers not seated in first class. #antiusair

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways I am the first class customer! None of us had coats. What's the next excuse?

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways three of us in first class begged your poorly trained associate to hang this heroes decorated jacket. To no avail

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways when the man stepped in the plane your attendant SHOULD have said it would be my honor to hang your jacket sergeant.

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways not a soul in first class had a coat. Not one! I will share with the Chairman that are also upset with me. Oh and the media

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@USAirways may be viral on Facebook by the end of the day. USAir deserves to lose business over this. A disgrace

— Kirbs72 (@Bkirby72) October 9, 2014

@bkirby72 Please DM your record locator and we'll forward an email to Flight Services for internal review. We're following you now.

— US Airways (@USAirways) October 9, 2014

US Airways has promised Kirby72 that they’re now aware of the situation and are in the process of an internal investigation. That’s good news, but we wonder how many other soldiers have been treated as shabbily.

Editors note: We are not publishing the name or photograph of the soldier.