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A new villain joins the party… Video available at:

2. Don’t Worry

Not actually a crazy person. Found an old monologue that I wrote after seeing ‘The Dark Knight.’ Was going to use it as an audition but changed my mind.

I updated and shortened it. Then I added the droopy face. No idea what this villain is named. Just doing a little bit of acting.


25 Incredible Photos Made Without Photoshop

Aren’t you tired of all those digitally modified photoshopped pictures?

A girl sends you her picture, and when you meet her the Photoshop effects are gone on her face.

Nowadays you can’t believe even your friend who’s showing his newest photos from his trip to Egypt, because all those photos might be photoshopped.

It’s a scary world we’re living in –  full of lies, sins and photoshopped images.

But things can be different. There are brave people who said NO to Photoshop and did everything in an old fashioned way. [Read more…]

Enjoy this little collection of Forced Perspectives, and send me more if you have.

Update: just got these 3 (Stork, Jesus and Dancer) by email, with no image credits, if you know them please contact panda, and I will add them here.


Stork Plane forced perspective

(If you know the author of this picture, please let me know)


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Eiffel Tower

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Got you now!

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Holding her

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Dee blows off some steam

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Waterfall Trap

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Washington D.C

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He’s got the whole world in His hands

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Parc de la Villette

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Hot Dog

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More than a mouthful

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Bob jumping over Adgate’s house in 1930′s

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Car Parking

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She’s about to explode

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Camel Kisser

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And jeeps are really that small

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‘God, no’! Sexes unite against ‘worst human rights violation since’ men in tank tops [pic]

We’re sure you have very nice calves, Gabriel. But there has got to be a better way than this to show them off:

The look has a few supporters:

But overall? Unless your name is Angus Young …

It looks like what we have here is a major fashion faux pas:

Boss: "So that's a short suit, huh?"
Douche: "Yes, sir!"
Boss: "You're fired."— Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) June 09, 2014

It’s a scientific fact that short suits are bad for mankind:

Remember that, guys. Also:

Men, don’t let this happen to you:

Bobby Hill

See how sad he is? If you love the ladies who love you, just say no to short suits.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

Bitman Begins. You Must Watch This Until The End. LOL

Many of this year’s Oscar nominated films were adapted from books, including The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Phillips, and Twelve Years a Slave – but times are changing. Our plan is to escort the movie business into the 21st century, so we enlisted the help of some of the greatest talents in the world of film to help us adapt popular YouTube videos into big-budget Hollywood movies. Here’s an adaptation of the YouTube classic “Charlie Bit My Finger” starring Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth. #BitmanBegins

Oops! Touré accidentally makes conservative argument against Obamacare

When MSNBC host Touré defended the latest Obamacare delays yesterday, he began with fairly standard left-wing talking points:

Then, out of nowhere:

Whoops! Touré was either too busy trying to figure out the latest photoshop hoax, or he simply didn’t understand that this is exactly the complaint conservatives have been making against Obamacare since its inception.

Basically, yes.


‘Shockingly ignorant’: Toolbag Touré calls jobs ‘an ineffective anti-poverty program’

‘You ain’t right’: Touré labels CNN’s Don Lemon as ‘leader of white people’; Katie Pavlich rips

‘$40,000 debt in a stocking?’ Touré says there already is a benevolent black man who gives gifts to kids

Watching Rob Ford’s Favorite Football Team With Rob Ford’s Constituents

Fred Thornhill / Reuters

TORONTO — After the Hamilton Tiger-Cats rolled into downtown Toronto and dispatched the hometown Argonauts on Sunday, a group of Ticats fans, distinct in their yellow-and-black jerseys, headed toward a cluster of bars down the street from the Rogers Centre. A cab, caught in the afternoon traffic, slowed beside them. The window rolled down. The Ticats fans looked over. A man in the back seat, presumably an Argonauts fan, leaned forward, pointed two fingers up, put them across his lips, and flicked his tongue.

This being Toronto, in the year 2013 — otherwise known as the year our mayor, Rob Ford, got his own syndicated reality TV show (it’s called “the news”) — one of the Ticats fans reached for the nearest heavy weapon. “You look like Mayor Ford,” he said.

Insulting a citizen by comparing him to his own mayor is not a common taunt. But these days in Toronto, WTF is the new normal. Here’s what Ford told a scrum of reporters last week: “The next thing, I want to call [Mayor Bob Bratina] in Hamilton and tell him we’re going to have to spank their little Tiger-Cats. Oh, and the last thing was, Olivia Gondek [a former adviser], who says I wanted to eat her pussy. I’ve never said that to my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much.” Then he turned around and walked back into his office, where he works, at City Hall, in the fourth-largest city in North America, showing the world the back of his No. 12 “MAYOR FORD” Toronto Argonauts jersey.

Ford’s regard for football outstrips his sense of decorum by a country kilometer. That’s why I thought there’d be no better place to survey the people of his city than at the playoff game he’d been discussing shortly before remembering to address his access to cunnilingus. So I bought a ticket, headed to the upper deck, and asked fans to write down a message they’d like to deliver to the mayor. Here are their responses.

Sam Eifling

Trevor Lahey and Cory Bowles, Sunnyvale, Ontario. Unapologetic Ford supporters excited to be included in any article related the Argos or Ford. The Gravy Train comment is a Fordism — the mayor talks a lot about needing to cut spending to get government employees off said train.

Sam Eifling

Jacen Irvine, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Also a Ford supporter. Marveled aloud that the city’s “most-money-saving mayor in the past 20 years also smokes crack.” Ford’s Gravy Train-related claim that he’s saved money for regular-Joe taxpayers during his tenure is debatable, but seems to have been effective.

Sam Eifling

Interlude: Tim and Pete, friendly Tiger-Cats fans from Hamilton, Ontario. Allusion is to Ford’s astonishing explanation for having smoked crack: “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. But no, do I, am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

Sam Eifling

Mike Lofquist, Toronto. Another sincere Ford fan. But in true Canadian fashion, he apologized to me under the assumption that support for Ford wouldn’t be what an American audience wanted to see.

Sam Eifling

Dan Walker, Toronto. Yes, the voice of reason was a guy wearing a blue handlebar mustache over his regular facial hair.

Sam Eifling

Scott, Mississauga, Ontario and Joe, Hamilton. Scott was pro-Ford. Both were pro-beer. If you can’t read the handwriting, it says, sort of coherently, “I eat more p—-y, my wife or not.”

Sam Eifling

Scott and Joe thought the Toronto cheerleaders should see their work.

Sam Eifling

Let’s all get a picture!

Then there were Jason and Katie, among the despondent Argos fans outside the Rogers Centre. They thought about what to write for several minutes.

“It’s not funny anymore,” Katie said. “It’s just sad now.” She’s right, of course — but then again, the people who appear to be most amused by Ford’s behavior are the mayor and his supporters themselves, and it looks like he’ll cling to office as long as he clings to the notion of himself as the life of the party.

This Girl Did A Halloween Photo Shoot That’s Both Creepy And Uplifting.

When life deals you a bad hand, sometimes you have no choice but to roll with it. That’s a lesson we could all learn from Reddit user ChutneyRain. She is an amputee missing her left leg, but that doesn’t stop her from having a great, twisted sense of humor about her disability. 

Earlier this week, ChutneyRain and her mother put on a creepy Halloween photo shoot inspired by her disability and a trip to their local Halloween store. The resulting photos manage to somehow be creepy and uplifting all at once.

Here’s how she tells the story behind the photo shoot:

“So my family is pretty morbid, I mean we crack really awful jokes about my missing a leg all the time. My mum and I were at the Spirit store and we found a fake leg, and well…we came up with this freaky ass photoshoot. Why sit around and wallow when you can disturb the normal folk to no end?”

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Plus, this photo shoot is really freaky.

And the whole thing only cost her $8 to put on.

This photo might be the creepiest one of them all. Those eyes, they’re looking into your soul.

(Via: Imgur)

My hat is off to you, ChutneyRain. You have an indomitable spirit of pure awesomeness. I also think you just won Halloween with these photos.

Jamie Foxx posts image of Trayvon Martin superimposed on the American flag

Actor/comedian Jamie Foxx  seems intent on using Trayvon Martin’s death to further his popularity and career, even to the point of commemorating Martin’s birthday with an image of his face superimposed on the colors of the American flag. And apparently he believes Martin was the epitome of American character.


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